McLaren 675 LT #116 Enclosed TranSport to North Queensland

Not so long ago, McLaren declared that it wasn’t going to build this car, so when they actually went into a “retail” production, the many capable purchases put their hands up for the very first model to be sold. Fortunately for the few, McLaren made a decent number of the potent 675 LT models and few even made it to our shores in Australia.


From behind the wheel, the 675LT Spider is an intimidating machine, even if for the brief moment of being around the block and loading onto our trailer. The 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 was wailing behind head even at a standstill. A truly remarkable $800K+ piece of machinery.


When this gorgeous bright-orange example came up for sale, with just few hundred km’s on the clock, the new owner in Qld did not hesitate and quickly worked out a deal with one of the more respected Victorian based dealers, Lobrek.


Between the new Owner, Lobrek and RamSpeed, we organised all of finer details, loaded the vehicle onto out enclosed trailer and safely delivered this beautiful vehicle to the new owner, some 3,500 km’s away from Melbourne.


Whether looking to move a top end exotic or a prized collectable, you can rely on RamSpeed to do whats required to deliver your car safely, reliably and with at most attention to detail.