Porsche 997 GT3 RS Enclosed Car Transport from Queensland to Sydney

Yet another amazing and rare car for our premium aut delivery service. This time a limited number Porsche 911, 997 GT3 RS is stunning seal grey with distinct RS decals and racing interior.


We have been assigned to pick the car up from far North Queensland and take it back on a 2,500 km journey to a prominent prestige car dealer in Sydney.  As a trade-in, with a sticker price north of $400,000, this vehicle had to arrive in the same, untouched condition as when it left the Queensland owner.


The dealership was very specific about their car transportation and  handling requirements and having worked for them in the past they have gladly accepted our offer to deliver this amazing Porsche back to the original place of sale.

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2015 Chevrolet Corvette Enclosed Auto Transport Melbourne to Rockhampton

Chevrolet Corvette Z06 are rare in Australia and even more rare when big $$ are spent on immaculate conversion from left to right hand side.


This is exactly what a Melbourne based Corvette Clinic has done for our joint customer and when the project was completed, RamSpeed was asked to pick the car up from Melbourne and deliver the customers home in Rockhampton, Queensland.


With over 4,500 km on the journey, starting from Sydney, picking the car up from Melbourne and direct delivery within 2 days to Rockhampton, is exactly what the customer required.

Corvette Transport in enclosed trailer auto car RamSpeed

This vehicle transport was special in its own right, because of unprecedented levels of engineering and components, including mirror image conversion, modern chassis architecture, engine technologies and aerodynamic strategies, both factory and after market. With Stingray as a foundation, the Z06 was developed to push the envelope of performance beyond expectation.


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Audi R8 Enclosed Car Transport to Adelaide

Audi R8 V10 when new, was around $310,000 on the road, the V8 version not far off a $200K mark so for a 3 year old vehicle which just scored $60K worth of specialist upgrades, delivery on a “econo-truck” is not an option for a customer in Adelaide.


The low approach in the R8 was not an issue as we are well prepared for extremely low cars including show and race vehicles. Transportation from point A to point B seems easy enough. However, when a door to door delivery, without a compromise is required, there are few companies in Australia able to match  the required speed of delivery with untouched, unmarked and dust free car delivery outcome.


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Recent Transport – Lamborghini Gallardo – Sydney to Perth

A 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo on its way to our customer in Perth after a complete upgrade in our performance shop in Sydney.

Enjoy full photo story here

Our customer valued the door to door service we offered. He received the pictures of the car being loaded on our trailer and the trailer was not opened until it arrived at our customer’s garage. A true door-to-door delivery service, unique to Australia. We dont know of anyone, who is offering this kind of service on a professional basis, especially to remote areas or on the Perth-Sydney / Perth-East Coast route. Delivery time was 4 days from Sydney to Perth.


Ford Mustang 1969 Transport from Brisbane to Sydney

While our business competencies have always been strong in latest European car handling, collectable and classic car transportation is currently on an increase.


This 1969 Ford Mustang was collected for a customer in Brisbane and delivered to Sydney for a full restoration. It was important to our client that the vehicle arrives with additional parts like original wheels and many other hard to find accessories and original Mustang parts.

The old Mustang was handled with the same care and attention as the latest Ferrari. Our customers understand that not all transport companies and services are created equal and our premium door to door car transport and delivery service, ensures complete customer satisfaction.


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