Specialised auto transporting is precisely what it sounds like: your car is protected and securely transported in a purpose built, enclosed custom trailer. With great experience in the luxury car industry, we transfer our knowledge, experience and customer service into our transport division.  You can consider us as the ‘white glove’ transport company. We know precisely how it feels to own a precious luxury car or a valuable sports car, as we are surrounded by them during our daily work. It sounds a bit ‘cliché’   but we do treat your car like it was our own. We know how to take care of your car, how to move it around, we always use our own floor mats and protective seat covers for your interior, watch carefully the side sills in order not to scratch them and many other little things which make the difference. Our dedicated staff is highly trained and passionate about this business, one of the most important values to us.

If you are a proud owner of a luxury limousine, an exotic sports car or prestigious SUV, or even a vintage, classic or a race car, we know how to handle these cars with the right care and experience.

Our custom and enclosed transport trailers provide:

  • A fully protected transport environment, eliminating damage from stone chips, traffic dirt and weather.
  • Privacy for Exotic and High Value Cars, Prototypes and Pre-Launch Models including transport of Competition Cars.
  • 100% Pristine Delivery Condition – perfect for Dealer Transfers and Deliveries, Special Model Launches, Motor Shows and Exhibitions, Motor Sport Events, Television and Film Location Shoots and other Media Events.
  • Our trailers are equipped with a soft, nylon 4 tones Winch Facility for Restoration Projects, Static Models, Non Runners, Competition Cars etc.
  • A highly manoeuvrable, true door to door service. We will not turn up with a dirty truck. We can go where other long-haul truck cannot go due to its size and / or council restrictions.
  • Our Enclosed, Exclusive Car Transportation Trailer is marked as prestige transport facility and will not communicate break-down service or worst still, car repossession to your neighbours.
  • Fully comprehensive transport insurance.
  • Dedicated, private and web-enabled GPS tracking access for the journey of your special car.

RamSpeed-Motor-Transport-Trailer-9 RamSpeed-Motor-Transport-Trailer-1 RamSpeed-Motor-Transport-Trailer-2 RamSpeed-Motor-Transport-Trailer-3 RamSpeed-Motor-Transport-Trailer-7 RamSpeed-Motor-Transport-Trailer-5 RamSpeed-Motor-Transport-Trailer-6 RamSpeed-Motor-Transport-Trailer-4


RamSpeed enclosed car transport trailer with the Red Bull promotional car released onto Sydney roads ahead of marketing activities