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Ferrari 458 Speciale Enclosed Car Transport to Cairns

Ferrari 458 “Speciale” is not just special by name, but also by its $700,000+ (used) price tag it carries in Australia.


Transport of special cars requires special approach. No longer can you rely on mass movers to take care of your special cargo. Car transportation has became a commodity for many organisations driven by volume. At RamSpeed, we are focusing on cars and owners requiring special attention and at most care.


Once the vehicle was acquired and special treatments completed, RamSpeed was selected to deliver this amazing car directly from Sydney to a new owner in Cairs, Queensland.

This 5,000 km return journey was a pleasure and a 3rd of its kind in the last 12 months. Because of no restrictions on maximum amount of hours or distance covered in a day, (typically imposed on large trucks), we are able to move cars across the continent quickly and efficiently. Our driver enjoys a comfort of a modern, quiet and safe towing vehicle, while on the job we also cater for overnight stays and appropriate rest stops to complete long delivery journeys.